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Let the Best Jewelers in Orange County Help Your Status Change to “Engaged”


Simone and Son is a fantastic jeweler in Orange County. I love their selection of beautiful rings. They have so many different styles available to fit your personal taste: princess cut, halo cut, vintage style, ornate rings, solitaire diamonds, white gold, gold and more! If you are wanting to take the next step in your relationship and are wanting to get engaged and married, I suggest stopping into Simone and Son in Orange County.

If you don’t live in the area, check out their great selection online and see just what everybody is talking about! If you don’t find the perfect ring for you–no worries! They specialize in the custom creation of engagement and wedding rings. Of course, after he pops the question, go right onto Facebook and share the news with everybody by changing your status to “engaged” and let the wedding planning begin!!

Reliable Convenient Tungsten Rings Here!!

As a nurse I needed a wedding ring that would both fit my needs and make my finger look good. Well by choosing this ring I absolutely love it and the ring is perfect. Being a nurse you have to have something that is not going to disrupt your work. I don’t want to accidentally rip my glove because my rings sharp edges ripped it. I also don’t want to scratch a patient, that could turn out bad. This tungsten ring is perfect. I love the classic feel of it and it doesn’t get in the way. I can actually wear my ring to work! It’s really great, I love wearing it at all times without a worry.

Ornate Wedding Rings

I love the ornate wedding and engagement rings from Simone & Son. They are unique, delicate and gorgeous! There are many different styles of rings available ranging from princess cut, French cut, vintage style, Marquise cut, cushion cut, and much more! Also available are different colored stones to make the ring colorful. Check out their website and find your dream ring.