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Cheap Carribean is a Great Site for Vacation Booking

kingston-01I’m looking to take a trip this winter. I really want to go somewhere and I thought that winter would be a great time to do so.

When I first started my search for a vacation package, I have to admit that I got pretty overwhelmed. I did a general Google search at first and finally narrowed it down to a super helpful site called CheapCarribean.com. I really like this site because I can search through vacation packages and see the different options that I have. I can pick where I want to go, what flight times I prefer, and what days I want to travel. This is great because there are so many different options! I can’t wait to take my trip and I know it’s going to be fun!

Better Homes and Gardens is a Useful Website

What Goes with What I Have?I love finding websites that seem to have everything that I am interested in and can use. This is how I feel about the Better Homes and Gardens website. I enjoy this magazine and really like the website.

This site has recipes, home decor ideas, tips and tricks for gardening, health guides, plenty of holiday sources, pet pages, entertaining, home improvement help and so much more!

If you don’t get the subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I would definitely check out this website and consider subscribing if you enjoy the site. If you do get the magazine, supplement it with regular visits to the site, I think you’ll like it!

Good Housekeeping is Not Just a Great Magazine…It’s a Great Website, Too!

ghI love getting magazines. In fact, it’s something that helps me look forward to my daily walk down to the mailbox since I have a chance at breaking up the regular disgusting retrieval of bills and junk mail. At least knowing that I may have a magazine waiting for me gives me a glimmer of hope!

Good Housekeeping is one of my favorite magazines. I recently discovered that their website is just as good! It keeps me occupied in between issues of the magazine. They have recipes, home and decor ideas, diet and health tips, beauty and style ideas, and relationship advice. I visit this site all of the time and if any of that is of interest to you, I suggest checking it out!

These Rotors, Stators Are Top of The Line



I love it when I find great products online. I was looking for some products for an engine that my husband is fixing up. He’s the talent when it comes to building, fixing and creating things and I’m a little better with computers. We work together, however, and make quite a great team.

I found this website with a fantastic selection of not only motors and engines, but stators, rotors and so much more. These are high quality products and they are offered at great prices.

The staff at Windings is fantastic at helping you select the products that are right for your project. They hare more than willing to help out with the project development process since they’ve been around for awhile. Check these guys out for your next project!

Solutions Has Everything and MORE!



When I find a great website, I go and visit it all the time. This is the case with “Solutions”. It is a website that REALLY has it all. I’ve seen products on this site that amaze me… things that I never would’ve thought of but yet are SO useful at the same time. There’s also some SUPER unique finds on there.

For example, the other day I found this crazy Volkswagen camper tent! I’ve never seen anything like it before. Check it out:



Among things for the outdoors, they have home decor, kitchen items, bed and bath, pet gear, pool equipment, holiday decor, toys, games and books for the kiddos, and SO much more.

Me telling you about it doesn’t do the site justice. You really have to see for yourself. Here’s a link to check out Solutions. You will be amazed, I promise!