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Cartwheel is the Ultimate App for Target Shoppers

cwAs you know from previous posts, it’s a big deal for me lately to be able to save money when I can. I shop at Target quite frequently and get everything there from shoes to groceries. Awhile back, I signed up for their RedCart Debit Card. It’s connected directly to my checking account, so whenever I swipe it, the money comes right out of my account and I save 5% off of my entire purchase.

Recently, a friend told me to download the Target Cartwheel App on my iPhone. It was free to download and free to sign up for, so I figured that I would give it a try! You can add coupons and deals to your cart, and when you go shopping in the store, simply hand the cashier your phone to scan and the discount will be applied to your total. I love this app!

Target Has a Ton of Great Swimsuits For Summer



March is here which means that summer is getting closer and closer. I’m so ready for the weather to change and for the boots, vests and coats to go back into storage and for my shorts, flip flops, and swimsuits to come back out.

I was walking through Target the other day (my FAVORITE store of all time) and saw that they had all of their swimsuits out already. This seemed a little early to me, but then again Spring Break is here (if it hasn’t already passed in your area) and it’s never too early to get on board with the trends for the upcoming season.

They have tankinis, bikinis, one-piece swimsuits in so many different colors and sizes that it’s hard to decide on just one. Thank goodness these are reasonably priced and I can get more than one!

This Bedspread is Perfect For The Guest Bedroom



Have you ever stayed at somebody’s house as a guest and instantly felt at home? It’s amazing how “homey” and comfortable a person can feel when they’re not even in their own home! That takes a lot for me to say because I consider myself a “home body”.

I am trying to make my guest room as comfortable as possible for any guests that are staying with me. I have a room all set up with a dresser, bed, closet, lamps, nightstands and a bookshelf but I am wanting to redo the color scheme and decor. Right now it is a darker blue color which seems super dreary and drab. I found a much better color scheme of yellow and grey. I feel like this is neutral yet bright. I found this super cute 6 piece duvet cover set at Target and think it will go perfectly with the white furniture.

Check Out “The Heat”

Do you remember the last time you watched a movie and laughed so hard that your stomach hurt? This happened to me with the movie “The Heat“. This is a fantastic movie. I ended up going to it not once, but TWICE in the movie theater. When it came out last week on DVD (October 22), I went to Target to pick it up right away. I got a great deal on the DVD/Blu Ray combo pack. This is how I’ve been buying all of my movies lately and I love having both discs.

blog-the heat


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it… it’s hilarious!  Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy make a fantastic pair and I hope to see them together in a movie again!