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Top of the Line Stators


I love finding great products online. It’s the whole purpose of my blog and I get so excited when I find something fun and new!

I found a website that carries a ton of top of the line products for a variety of projects including stators, motors, generators, rotors and so much more.

Windings is a family-owned company and they stand behind their products. They also offer project development ideas and will consult you on the best-use and provide advice since they have experience in the field. No matter what you know about this area already, there is ALWAYS something that can be added to the knowledge base. Nobody ever knows everything, right?

Where do you go online for great products?



Stators for Dad’s Truck?

My Dad just recently bought a new truck, not with my Mom’s complete approval. It is a huge diesel truck that my Dad talked my Mom into thinking he needed. When he picked it up from the dealership he noticed a full tank of gas. However, it wasn’t diesel gas, just regular gas.

You can imagine how bad the person that filled up the tank felt. As you probably know, a diesel truck can’t run on regular gas. It was a huge mistake on the dealership and my Dad continues to have problems from it. He just brought it in before Christmas to get fixed, we aren’t sure what’s wrong with it now thinking maybe stators, but time will tell. You can imagine how happy my parents are with this purchase!

These Rotors, Stators Are Top of The Line



I love it when I find great products online. I was looking for some products for an engine that my husband is fixing up. He’s the talent when it comes to building, fixing and creating things and I’m a little better with computers. We work together, however, and make quite a great team.

I found this website with a fantastic selection of not only motors and engines, but stators, rotors and so much more. These are high quality products and they are offered at great prices.

The staff at Windings is fantastic at helping you select the products that are right for your project. They hare more than willing to help out with the project development process since they’ve been around for awhile. Check these guys out for your next project!

Website Review: These Guys Have The Knowledge and Expertise in Coil Windings, Stators, Rotors and More

Windings--Moving Coil Motors


For those of you that work with projects that require moving coil windings, rotors, stators, motors or generators then you know that it’s rare to be able to find a site that carries all of these in one spot. I was fortunate enough to find Windings, a site that has everything you’re looking for.

Windings has been in the business for a long time and they not only offer great products at fantastic prices but their customer service is out of this world. I love this company because they can help in many ways, including the project development process. This can save time AND money, which are two things that are very important.

What are your go-to sites for parts?

Great Site With Products for Motors



If you are looking for a replacement motor or a proven existing design to incorporate into your product, Windings is the perfect site to visit for this! They know their motors!

Windings purchased manufacturing rights AND existing inventory to continue production on Moving Coil Motors, Inertial Motors, and GE Selsyn which are three very successful existing motor companies. The staff there has been trained in how to to manufacture and operate motors from all three companies. Rest assured when purchasing from Windings, you will have high quality!

If you’ve ever worked with Windings in the past, you also know that they have fantastic products when it comes to stators and rotors as well. So if your project involves more than just motors it’s something to keep in mind!