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Finally I Found a Site That Carries Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards

DCS Sports Cards-Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards Hobby Box


Hockey season is in full swing. It’s my FAVORITE sports season and I wish that it lasted longer! There’s nothing I love more than seeing guys gear up, skate better than I can walk, and occasionally get in fights. I’m not the typical girl, I know…but I think it’s entertaining as long as nobody gets hurt!

I’ve been looking for these 2012-2013 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards for my son for awhile and I’m glad that I finally found them. He’s been wanting them to add to his collection and he’s going to be more than thrilled when these come in the mail. I’m not going to tell him that I ordered him, though, or he’ll be out waiting by the mailbox for days.

A Great Site for Basketball Cards

basketball trading cards

My son can’t get enough of anything to do with sports. He eats, sleeps and breathes sports all year round. You would think that he would get sick of this, but he doesn’t! Right now, he’s super into the NBA season. His favorite team is the LA Lakers, but he watches the games of all of the teams because he has favorite players all over the nation.

Yesterday, the basketball cards that I ordered came in the mail and he got to open the package. I’ve never seen his face light up so much! He was practically jumping for joy to get some new basketball trading cards to add to his collection.

He’s going to be really surprised when we take him to an NBA game this weekend! He’ll have to bring his cards and a Sharpie to see if he can get any autographs from his favorite players.

Figure Skates

If you or your child don’t like hockey skates, but still want the sensation of gliding on ice, then your only option is figure skates. Figure skates are thinner and more like a shoe. Hockey skates are hefty and bulky to protect the ankle from the hockey puck. The blade has a toe pick on the front. Amateur and recreational skaters use this for braking and stopping, while the professionals treat as thei launching pad for all those acrobatics you see on TV.

Ski sled

Winter is a season for snowmen, snowball fights and hot chocolate. And sledding. I grew up with a simple plastic sled, but I always envied the kids who had the sleek steerable sleds. I bet being able to control the sled down the hill would make for some interesting trips, and not just for the kid riding the sled itself.