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A Date Night With Dinner, Wine, and Couples Massages in Huntington Beach

CloudMover--massageI can be in a relationship for years yet still look forward to a date night. It seems like life can get so busy and it’s easy to get wrapped up in work and everything else that sometimes it’s important to set up a night for the two of us to just be together, with no distractions.

We have set tomorrow as our “date night”. We’re going to start the day off in the afternoon with couples massages in Huntington Beach. We’re then going to head back to the house so that I can shower and get all “dolled” up for an evening and a steakhouse for dinner. We’re then planning on stopping at a winery for dessert and a class of wine on the way home. I’m so excited!

What are your weekend plans?

macaroons, massages, manis

If you haven’t already noticed Gossip Girl seasons 4 & 5 are now on Netflix! This is great news for an addict like myself. I wasn’t able to keep up consistently through seasons so I actually prefer to catch up on Netflix without commercials and having to wait a week in between episodes.

holiday mani

Oh to live the life of the Upper East Side, we all wish we could. However, although they have everything and more it seems many of them aren’t truly happy and they forget the meaning of small gestures. Nonetheless it is just a show but I tend to get fully consumed and relate my own life with it.


As I was falling asleep last night I watched the episode where Blair is interning at W and Serena is back with Ben (guy who Lilly forged Serena’s signature and was in jail). Blair and Serena were supposed to have a girls night in with macaroons, massages and manis (ahhh the life of luxury) but instead they end up going out to a party put on by W and of course, a whirlwind of drama unwinds.

you know you love me


gossip girl

Spa in Huntington Beach

If you’re looking for a spa in Huntington Beach, look no further! Cloud Mover Spa is a great spa to visit with a huge menu of services. They offer facials, waxing, treatments, massages and much more! You are sure to find what you’re looking for and a day of pampering is a great way to relax before the rush of the holidays sets in. They also offer gift certificates if you’re looking for a great gift for that someone on your holiday shopping list.