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The Place to Find Black Handbags Online

Travel Luggage Plus--Designer Black Leather HandbagsI have a variety of handbags–in different styles, shapes, and colors. I like the selection I have for different occasions, outfits, and even for different moods!

Despite my huge selection of bags, I tend to use my black ones the most. I feel like they go with everything and are so versatile. They are also a lot more “dressy” looking, so I like to use it when carrying my things to and from work and when I go out.

I go to so many different places for my handbags, but I would have to say my favorite is the site I visit to get most of my black handbags online. They have a great selection. Somehow all of these handbags can be black yet look so different with the variety of styles they carry. It helps that these are discounted, too, so that I don’t spend more money on them than I should!

HauteLook is Another Great Fashion Site



Since Spring is fast approaching (YES!!!!), that means new fashion trends and a closet transformation. After spending a week on the beach, I feel like I’m ready to trade my boots and oversize sweaters in for shorts, sundresses, tank tops, and sandals.

Taking advice from a close friend, I signed up for the site HauteLook. I am kind of a sucker for these sites that you sign up for and get daily e-mails and deals. Even though the e-mails can get slightly annoying, I have saved a TON of money this way.

HauteLook is a Nordstrom company with amazing deals. They have everything from shoes, bags, men’s and women’s clothing, home items, and kids gear! They have daily deals, a great mobile app and name brand stuff for CHEAP! Check it out and sign up today. :)

Look No Further if You Want Newborn Clothes for Girls

Naartjie-Girl's infant one piece


I went shopping with a good friend the other day and she has a one month old girl. She was looking to buy some more clothes for her because she is starting daycare soon. She wants to be able to have a smaller duffel bag of clothes that she can leave at daycare for the provider to change her into in case she spits up or has a leaky diaper.

We weren’t having much luck at the mall because a lot of the clothes are already out for the Spring and it’s still Winter! I decided to look online and I found a really good selection of newborn clothes for girls. These clothes are super cute and very reasonably priced!

Where is your go-to place for infant or toddler clothing?

A Great Site to Find Black Handbags Online

Travel Luggage Plus--Designer Black Leather Handbags


Handbags are one of my favorite accessories to shop online for. It’s way easier to shop for accessories online than to shop for clothing, because you don’t really have to try accessories on to make sure that they fit!

With fall pretty much here, I want to put away my “fun summer” bags that are pink, green, blue, white, etc and take out my black and brown bags. These are also MUCH easier to coordinate with clothing since they are more neutral.

Lately I’ve been in search for a good site to buy black handbags online. I would MUCH rather buy online so that I can compare prices and styles. I found a good site and will be putting in my order ASAP so that I can start wearing these right away.

I Love Zazzle!

Zazzle is a website that I recently became familiar with. I really like this website because you can do SO much with it. You can shop there as a customer, make your own designs on products that are already available and show off your creative side, or even sell your own products. Most of the things on this site can be customized, which makes for a great gift. What makes a person feel more special than a gift that is customized JUST for them?

They have t-shirts, phone cases (and other electronic cases), mugs, dog accessories, birthday cards, wedding invitations, office products, art, posters, celebration gear, and SO MUCH more. I am literally having a hard time trying to describe the stuff available, so you have to check it out for yourself to understand what I mean!