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Pandora One is The Way to Go!

blog-pandora one


I absolutely love music. The thing I love most about it is that I can listen to it (almost) anywhere: while laying in bed at night, when I’m getting ready for the day, in the car, while I’m working out, and while I’m doing things around the house such as cooking or cleaning.

I also love music because there are so many different kinds that no matter what mood I’m in, I can listen to something that matches the way that I feel, whether it is something peppy with a quick beat, something slow and relaxing and everything in between!

One of my favorite internet radio services is Pandora. I like having different stations that I can choose depending the mood I am in. Recently, I signed up for Pandora One. It’s a lot better than the regular Pandora radio because it doesn’t have advertisements that play every couple of songs. Uninterrupted music is the best!

An iPad UnderCabinet Dock

iPad Cabinet Dock


First of all, I love under the cabinet radios. We have one that we almost always turn on while we’re cooking supper every night. It’s nice to be able to turn on our favorite stations that we listen to in the car. I also like to listen to my favorite morning shows while I’m eating breakfast and packing all of the lunches every day.

When I found this iPad UnderCabinet dock, I was super excited because it takes the under the cabinet radio to a whole new level. With this awesome docking place for your iPad, you can listen to music, watch videos, and charge your iPad in one convenient spot. It keeps the iPad off of the counter (which would keep it a lot cleaner). This would make a great addition to your home!

Muse: The Resistance

So you know those certain days that you have and nothing will make it better unless you have your favorite group and their best album just blaring in your ears? Well I have the perfect group. Muse is, by far, one of my favorite groups. I recently bought their album: The Resistance, and It is mind blowing. Muse: The Resistance can play on my iPod for hours even days maybe and I could never get bored of it.

My Favorite song if I HAD to choose one would be probably… undisclosed desires. I just love all the lyrics in that song. But that song is my favorite by a close one compared to all the other songs. The Exogenesis: Symphony’s are absolutely beautiful. The strings are just the perfect touch to the music.When I bought the album on iTunes it came with this behind the scenes look on how they made some of the songs. Also they had commentary on what the songs were about and the lyrics were included. This purchase I will never regret!!

Muse – The Resistance

Muse’s album The Resistance is my new obsession. I cannot get their music out of my head, and I am not complaining one bit. The tracks on here are simply mesmerizing. When I plug my ear phones into my ipod and select The Resistance the world around me stops and I just listen to the words of the song. Honestly the best thing I have heard in a while. A must get, listen and enjoy the great escape muse has to offer.