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I Love My Set of Food Huggers

blog-food huggers


No… food huggers aren’t a group of people that fight to save the lives of fruit from being eaten. Instead, these awesome gadgets seal around half-used fruit or vegetables to prevent them from spoling as quickly. Have you ever used half of a tomato in a recipe and put it in a zip-loc baggie in the fridge to find it a couple of days later all soggy and gross? That’s happened to me WAY to many times.

It works by sealing off the fruit or vegetable with the flexible inner edges so that it seals the juices. This set of Food Huggers comes with four of these awesome gadgets that will adjust to fit just about anything. Storing them is also super easy because they stack and fit very neatly in a drawer. No more throwing away half-used fruits or veggies!

Finally, Someone Was Thinking! Check Out This Kitchen Product.

blog-lid holder


I’ve been trying to really change things in my kitchen. For example, I got rid of like 30 take-out menus about a month ago. It was pretty hard to throw those trusty things away, but I did it! However, I still have about 7 of them in a drawer in my kitchen…SHH! Don’t tell. :)

I’ve been trying out a lot of new recipes in my kitchen and actually use it for cooking and not just eating take-out! My wallet, weight AND family are thanking me already!

I’ve learned that the basics aren’t cutting it when it comes to my kitchen tools and gadgets. Recently, I got this lid and spoon rest and I use it all of the time! It’s a super convenient place to put the lid and spoon without setting it on the counter and making it all messy!

Please share some of your go-to kitchen gadgets!

The Twist Whisk is a Fantastic Product



The whisk is my go-to kitchen tool to use and it sure gets used alot! I use my whisks to beat eggs for scrambling or in a recipe, stir cake batter or muffin batter to break up the clumps, mix together marinade for different meats so that the seasonings and ingredients are evenly distributed. There really are endless uses for a whisk. What do you use yours for?

I found this fantastic product and ordered it right away. This is a Twist Whisk that will lay flat for both washing and storage. This will save me SO much time when I’m doing dishes, because the regular whisks take forever to wash. This is made of silicone so it’s dishwasher safe as well. It will also save me tons of storage space, because as you know, regular whisks are a bit of a pain to store due to their unusual shape.

Playroom Kitchen For Kids From Ikea

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Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop. Even though it can be a pain in the butt to assemble some of their items (since the instructions are just pictures and there isn’t a lick of English in sight), I still love what they have. Their furniture is unique and you can find home decor to match your home no matter what look you have. Since it’s such a big store, they buy in mass quantities which means that they can sell for cheap.

I had no idea they had such a great collection of children’s items. I came across this playroom kitchen for kids and I know my kiddos with love this. They also have a ton of accessories to compliment this: artificial dessert sets, coffee and tea sets, vegetable sets, and more. Let your child’s imagination go to town with this fun kitchen that resembles the kitchen of a “grown-up”. :)

An iPad UnderCabinet Dock

iPad Cabinet Dock


First of all, I love under the cabinet radios. We have one that we almost always turn on while we’re cooking supper every night. It’s nice to be able to turn on our favorite stations that we listen to in the car. I also like to listen to my favorite morning shows while I’m eating breakfast and packing all of the lunches every day.

When I found this iPad UnderCabinet dock, I was super excited because it takes the under the cabinet radio to a whole new level. With this awesome docking place for your iPad, you can listen to music, watch videos, and charge your iPad in one convenient spot. It keeps the iPad off of the counter (which would keep it a lot cleaner). This would make a great addition to your home!