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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Officially Split

blog-jlo and markIt’s been three years since Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their separation, but the 44 and 45 year olds, respectively, have come to a settlement and have signed the divorce papers.

It has been decided that the couple will share custody of their five year old twins, Max and Emme, and Marc will get physical custody of them seven days every month. The documents go into further detail about who will get custody during school vacations and holidays.

The couple was wed back in 2004 in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills. This was J. Lo’s third marriage, and although each of them is now free to marry whom they want, she doesn’t know if she wants to “take the plunge” again and get married a fourth time.


A Fun Barbie Website for The Kids



When I was younger, I used to play with Barbie dolls all of the time. I had quite the collection, and so did my best friend. Since we lived so close, we would take turns playing at each other’s houses and of course each had a little rolling suitcase to make for easy transport. I feel like I was in the Barbie stage for quite a large chunk of my childhood, and was glad that my mom kept a few of my Barbie dolls for my future girls.

Since I don’t have any kids yet, I put them out whenever my niece comes over. She loves playing with them as much as I did, if not more!

Last time she was over, we hopped online and went to the Barbie website. There is so much to do on that site! There are a ton of fun, interactive games and even a way to virtually design a Barbie Dream House. I wanted to share in case any of you have young girls that would enjoy this site as much as my niece does.

Sprout Your Own Leafy Wonders Indoor

Sprout Your Own Leafy Wonders Indoor
Sprout Your Own Leafy Wonders Indoor

As we anxiously wait for spring to arrive, this is a perfect time to teach our little ones about nature. The Sprout Your Own Leafy Wonders Kit includes everything you need to plant and grow three different types of unique foliage.

Included are three biodegradable planters (see-through, so kids can watch roots grow), three seed packets, peat pellets, stickers to decorate the planters, and a book with growing instructions, recipes, science-fair experiments and more. This kit is such a perfect way to inspire your future gardener for whom spring can’t arrive soon enough.

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