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Puppet Theater for the Little Ones



When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was play with puppets! We set up a fun little puppet booth with a folding table and a sheet, and would put on performances almost every day. It was fun to play the different characters and put on shows with my friends.

I found this standing puppet theater and instantly knew that I had to get it for my kids. They are going to love it! They are creative just like I am and this is so much more nice than my folding table and sheet! It even has a clock, so they can let us know when the next show time is. Now just to find some more puppets for them to use…

Caring Corners Swing Tree Swing

This toy is an excellent addition to the Caring Corners house and all of the other items that can be purchased to go with the set. Children who are looking for a baby to play with in the house will definitely love the swing and the baby that comes with it, and parents will love that children can learn to be a bit more nurturing thanks to the gentle looks and feel of the baby, as well as all of the other pieces in the set

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Step2 Choo Choo Wagon

If you have a large family to move and entertain, you’ll no doubt be glad to find out how much they enjoy riding on their very own choo choo train, no matter where they end up going.

It should be noted though that each car has an intended weight limit of 50 pounds.  While this might not seem like much, this means that if you have a full train connected, you could have more than 250 pounds to pull around.

Black & Decker Jr. Power Tools Workshop

Black & Decker Jr. Power Tools WorkshopGive the little guy of the house some jobs to do with this Black & Decker Jr. Power Tools Workshop and keep him busy! It’s well-built, looks a lot like the real thing and included an activity of putting together a birdhouse. Putting it together is a snap. The bench uses the same plastic bolts and nuts that are for play on the top of the workbench’s surface. You should have it up and going in far less than 30 minutes.

The parts fit together well, no forcing pieces into place or it comes out with one leg longer than the others. It was engineered very well.