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Check Out These Wedding Rings Orange County Has to Offer at Simone and Son!

Simone and Son--Ring2


I feel like people either love or hate wedding planning. There really doesn’t seem to be any “middle ground” with it. I, personally love it. I’m such a planner though, that this is something that is fun for me. If you’re a “planner” as well, you will find that wedding planning takes it to a whole new level.

Just how much has to be figured out? Here’s some examples: venue, date, music, wedding party, wedding party attire, wedding jewelry, food, cake, drinks, honeymoon destination, decorations, readings, and so much more. That’s why it takes so long to plan a wedding… there is SO much involved.

The hardest part for me was to pick out wedding jewelry. That is because after the big day is all over, the wedding jewelry remains forever. If you’re looking for somebody to help you out, check out these wedding rings Orange County has to offer at the Simone and Son jewelry store.

Beautiful Ornate Engagement Rings



I am so excited! This Christmas, my sister is going to get engaged. I can’t wait. She has been dating her boyfriend for quite a while and we’ve all been waiting for this for a long time! Her soon-to-be fiance enlisted my help to pick out the perfect ring for my sister.

We went to Simone and Son and found a ton of amazing rings. They have a great selection. We decided that my sister would like a ring from their collection of ornate engagement rings the best.

I am so excited to see how he is going to propose to her. Apparently it’s going to happen at our family Christmas! I’m glad she doesn’t read my blog, or the secret would be spoiled. Until then, my lips are sealed!