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Finally I Found a Site That Carries Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards

DCS Sports Cards-Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards Hobby Box


Hockey season is in full swing. It’s my FAVORITE sports season and I wish that it lasted longer! There’s nothing I love more than seeing guys gear up, skate better than I can walk, and occasionally get in fights. I’m not the typical girl, I know…but I think it’s entertaining as long as nobody gets hurt!

I’ve been looking for these 2012-2013 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards for my son for awhile and I’m glad that I finally found them. He’s been wanting them to add to his collection and he’s going to be more than thrilled when these come in the mail. I’m not going to tell him that I ordered him, though, or he’ll be out waiting by the mailbox for days.