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This Sign Would Be Perfect for a Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas



I love the collection of printable signs that they have on Etsy. These are usually reasonably priced (this one is only $8) and can be printed at home. They can easily be placed in an 8 1/2 inches by 11 inch frame and hung on the wall or set on a shelf. I’ve also purchased a bigger, 12 inch by 18 inch frame with a 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch mat that coordinates and it makes a little larger wall hanging.

I like this printable sign of “Nana and Papa’s House Rules” a lot and it’d be a perfect gift to give grandparents from the grand kids. This is also a great way to save money because it’s a very inexpensive yet personal gift.

If you haven’t checked out some of the other signs on Etsy, they have them for almost every occasion and person!