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These Facials Orange County Has to Offer Make Great Holiday Gifts



Let’s FACE it, the holidays can be super stressful. Between the shopping, crowds, cleaning, traveling, cooking, baking, and holiday parties the month of December can seem a tad overwhelming. As much as I love the holidays and love this time of year, I always breathe a breath of fresh air in January and try to take a day for myself to relax.

I know many other people feel this way too. As a stocking stuffer this year, a couple of people in my family are going to have the opportunity to experience these facials Orange County has to offer at CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach (hehehe see what I did with the word “face” in my opening sentence!?!). I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after some time at the spa and I know these ladies will appreciate this as they are just as busy as I am during this time of year!

The Best Body Wraps Orange County Has to Offer Right Here at CloudMover!



Have you ever gotten a body wrap? If you haven’t, I recommend it. They are amazing! I go get a body wrap about once a month. I was told by a friend when I moved to California that the best body wraps Orange County has to offer are at CloudMover, a day spa in Huntington Beach.

At first I didn’t know what to expect, but the staff here talked to me about everything that was going to happen before my appointment so that I knew what was going on. This was super helpful and something that not all salons and spas think to do. After my body wrap, I scheduled my other treatments and services there as well. Every two weeks, I get a customized spray tan and I go every other month to get a massage. I really like it there!


The Best Huntington Beach Facials




I’ve been really trying to take better care of my skin lately. I realized a couple of months ago just how harsh I am on my skin and have been trying to moisturize, watch what chemicals are in the products that I use, take more “days off” from make-up, and get a facial from time to time.

Facials are great because they cleanse, moisturize, renew the skin with microdermabrasion, and help give a glow that could otherwise not be achieved! I was able to find the best Huntington Beach facials in the area and for that I am SO thankful.

Do any of you have suggestions on mineral make-up or organic products for the face and skin? If you do, I would love for you to share!



The Best Huntington Beach Facials



There is nothing that I love more than getting pampered. This can be a 10 minute foot rub from my man and can range up to an entire spa day complete with a mani, pedi, facial, and massage. No matter what it is, I love when somebody takes time to make me feel good! I feel that as a mother and wife, I am always the one caring for others. No complaints here, because I wouldn’t trade what I have for ANYTHING, but I’m just saying that I really enjoy some “me” time once in a while.

Where do you go to get pampered? I really like going to CloudMover. They have the BEST Huntington Beach facials that I have come across and I love their other services as well.  What’s your favorite service at a day spa?

The Place To Go For Waxing in Huntington Beach



I’ve been to my fair share of day spas around the Orange County area. There are PLENTY of them around, there’s no doubt about that.

But what makes a day spa stand out? What makes it worth going to over all of the others? I would say: a vast menu of services, friendly staff, a comfortable environment, and good pricing. I can say that I’ve found all of that and more with CloudMover Day Spa.

I was initially looking for a place to get a good leg waxing in Huntington Beach when I came across this place. A lot of people think I’m crazy for getting my legs waxed..ouch! But who wants to worry about having prickly legs when you live in a place that’s sunny and 70 degrees year round? Not this girl!

Anyway, check this place out! It’s great!