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Cartwheel is the Ultimate App for Target Shoppers

cwAs you know from previous posts, it’s a big deal for me lately to be able to save money when I can. I shop at Target quite frequently and get everything there from shoes to groceries. Awhile back, I signed up for their RedCart Debit Card. It’s connected directly to my checking account, so whenever I swipe it, the money comes right out of my account and I save 5% off of my entire purchase.

Recently, a friend told me to download the Target Cartwheel App on my iPhone. It was free to download and free to sign up for, so I figured that I would give it a try! You can add coupons and deals to your cart, and when you go shopping in the store, simply hand the cashier your phone to scan and the discount will be applied to your total. I love this app!

Never Pay Full Price When You Could Use Coupons!



When I see people spending the full price on items at the grocery store, I get sad. It’s SO easy to save money, that everybody should be doing it! Especially if they knew what they could spend their saved money on. Think about it this way: if you go grocery shopping twice a month and spend $200 each time, that’s about $4800 on groceries a year. If you can save $20 on a trip the the grocery store, that’s about $40 in savings a month which equals $480 in savings a year! What could you do with almost an extra $500 a year? I could think of a lot of things I want that would require about $500!

Thanks to some amazing coupon websites, it’s super easy (and FREE!) to print off coupons and bring them in the the grocery store.  If you’re not sure where to start, it’s always easiest to start small and work your way up. Start out with one website, and then start looking around and more and more sites to save. Good luck! If you have any couponing tips or tricks, please share!