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These Massages Huntington Beach Has to Offer Are the Best!

CloudMover--massageThere is not a whole lot that beats a day of relaxation at the day spa. It’s very beneficial to get massages, which is my favorite things to get at the spa. I’ve tried some other things at CloudMover (the best massages Huntington Beach has to offer), including facials, waxing, custom spray tanning, and wraps. I love them all, but I’m a “tried and true” girl and enjoy a massage the most. Some of the benefits to massage therapy include improved circulation, reduced stress levels, decreased tension levels and reduction of muscle pain and injury.

This is an awesome place to visit yourself and also makes for a great gift to others. Check it out and see why it’s so amazing!

Salon Review | Waxing in Huntington Beach

Waxing has evolved over the years and is now a common practice in most beauty salons and day spas. But who offers the best for the lowest price? I get my eyebrows, bikini line and upper lip waxed on a regular basis, I know it doesn’t sound too flattering. I have gone around to 3 different salons in the Huntington Beach area to locate the best waxing service for my buck. I’m a smart shopper, and when I say smart shopper I mean I am a coupon lady. See what I discovered, what I paid and what salon is the best to get waxing in Huntington Beach at!

1. ZenSpaOC: ZenSpaOC is known for their facials, massage and waxing services. I have come here before for a facial but never for a waxing. I am a bit particular on the waxing process due to my sensitive skin. I did feel comfortable there but the bikini line waxing was very painful and left my sensitive skin burning. To say the least I won’t be back for waxing.

Service Rating: 6/10

Price: $40 for a Bikini: basic

Price Rating: 8/10

2. CloudMover Day Spa: I have been here a few times and love it due to the cheaper pricing and groupons. The service and quality is above average with cheaper prices, which is exactly what I’m looking for. For waxing purposes this day spa hit the nail on the head. My sensitive skin wasn’t affected and the price was a good deal. I got an eyebrow wax here for only $15!

Service Rating: 8/10

Price: $15 for Eyebrow Wax

Price Rating: 10/10

3. Skin So Sweet: this salon performed a sugaring waxing service. What is sugaring? Rather than applying wax and ripping off with strips, special wax is directly applied and gives skin a smoother surface. I feel it is better for more sensitive skin. Normally my upper lip is the most sensitive part of my skin. I was a bit red after the service, but it faded away and I noticed the hair strayed away for longer than traditional waxing. I paid only $10 and the service was exceptional.

Service Rating: 9/10

Price: $10 for Lip Wax

Price Rating: 9/10

The Best Place for Body Treatments in Huntington Beach



I think that it is so important to take good care of my body. Taking great care of my body plays a huge role in the health of my mind as well, believe it or not!

CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach the best place to go for body treatments in California. That’s a pretty big statement considering there are a TON of day spas in the area. I love everything about CloudMover: the calm atmosphere, the knowledgeable staff, and the vast menu of services they have to offer.

On the menu of body services they have waxing, body scrubs, body wraps, body detox, and more. All of these services have incredibly competitive and reasonable prices. They also have fantastic massage services. Go to CloudMover for a couple of hours and you will feel as if you have just gone on a mini vacation!