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A Christmas Tradition: Hot Chocolate, Popcorn & Cookies, “Elf” and New PJs



I’m all about traditions. I love starting things and having something to look forward to. It’s fun to watch the same traditions grow and change over the years as our family grows and changes.

Well, Christmas Eve involves one of my favorite traditions of all time. We always eat a nice meal with the kids and then after supper they are always allowed to open one gift–the rest have to wait until Christmas morning. The gift that they get to open is a pair of new pajamas (Old Navy usually has some cute ones!) We then put the movie “Elf” in the DVD player and make popcorn and hot chocolate! Of course we have to try some of the cookies that we are going to set out for Santa to make sure they taste okay!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Merry Christmas!

Lots To Do For the Holidays: Baking, Shopping, and an Appointment for Waxing in Huntington Beach



Why does Christmas and the holiday season never seem quite as calm as it looks in all of the pictures and movies? Before I was an adult, I used to think of Christmas as a time of relaxation, peace, quiet and happiness. But it seems like in trying to achieve that comes craziness and chaos.

Christmas is NEXT week already, with Christmas eve being just 7 days away. I wish I could say that I’m ready and prepared but I’m afraid it’s quite the opposite.

I have a long list of things to do before next week. I have some last minute shopping to get done (I swear next year I want it all done by Thanksgiving), some baking to do for a neighborhood cookie exchange that I organized, and a couple of appointments to get to. I would reschedule, but I always try to make an appointment for leg waxing in Huntington Beach BEFORE Christmas, because it saves me a lot of time not having to shave during the craziness that the last week in December and first week of January brings.

What’s on your list of things to do before Christmas?

This Sign Would Be Perfect for a Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas



I love the collection of printable signs that they have on Etsy. These are usually reasonably priced (this one is only $8) and can be printed at home. They can easily be placed in an 8 1/2 inches by 11 inch frame and hung on the wall or set on a shelf. I’ve also purchased a bigger, 12 inch by 18 inch frame with a 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch mat that coordinates and it makes a little larger wall hanging.

I like this printable sign of “Nana and Papa’s House Rules” a lot and it’d be a perfect gift to give grandparents from the grand kids. This is also a great way to save money because it’s a very inexpensive yet personal gift.

If you haven’t checked out some of the other signs on Etsy, they have them for almost every occasion and person!

Check Out This Stylish Collection of Plus Size Prom Dresses

Pacific Plex-Plus Size Prom Dress


Fall semester is half over and I can’t believe it! Christmas is just two months away. Before you know it, it will be springtime again and the cycle will start over again!

If you have any teenage girls in the house, I bet you’ve already been hearing about prom. I know I have! The junior class at my daughter’s school is already starting to plan their theme and location for the prom dinner and dance.

We’ve also been checking out prom dresses online to see what the trends are going to be this year and she’s been starting to think about what she wants for a style of dress. There are so many different options: long, short, solid, patterned, A-line, ball gown, and so much more! Her favorite so far is pictured above. We found it on a site known for their selection of plus size prom dresses. 

“Now You See Me” is a Great Movie!

now you see me


I’ve been watching a ton of good movies lately. I feel like most of the good movies come out in movie theaters during the summer months which means that most of the good movies are being released on DVD and Blu Ray right before the holidays and through the spring months. Although this movie has been out for a couple of months, I highly suggest checking it out. It may have even come down in price since it first was released into stores.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Now You See Me“, I definitely recommend that you check it out. This is a fantastic movie that had me on the edge of my seat! Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorite actors (so I may be biased in this review) and it was nice seeing him in the role that he played.

What are some good movies that you have seen lately?