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Getting Ready is SO Easy With This 360 Degree Mirror



Who else spends WAY to much time getting ready in the morning? I feel like I have good intentions to make it quick, but there’s always something that seems to come up (contacts won’t go in smoothly, nail polish smudges, an earring disappears, the outfit that I mentally planned is in the laundry, etc).

I love anything and everything to help me save time and effort when it comes to getting ready. It’s my least favorite part of the day, so I might as well make it easier on myself.

I found this 360 degree mirror from the Sharper Image. It has 5 panels, so you are able to see the front, sides, and back of your hair. No more holding a mirror and leaning over the counter trying to see the back while fixing it with your one free hand. This mirror allows two free hands for styling! This would also be great for any guy that is trying to trim his sideburns or groom his neck.

The King of Concealers!



It is so important to find a good concealer. It’s something that I can’t go without and definitely a staple in my make-up bag. You also NEVER know when you’re going to need concealer, so I like to keep a tube of it in my purse.

This concealer is industrial strength, I’m not even kidding. It’s called Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer by Hard Candy and it’s easy to see why they call it heavy duty! This will cover up ANYTHING and everything. It will cover dark circles, pimples, and even tattoos! Something this powerful is usually super expensive, but lucky enough this happens to be super cheap–less than $10! I got it for $6 at Wal-Mart and I love it. Try it out and see for yourself!

thumbs down to the holiday craziness, thumbs up to massages in orange county

Yesterday I posted about macaroons, massages and manis, so today I thought I would get a massage. Although I may not be able to live the life of an Upper East Sider I can pretend! Today I treated myself to a massage in Orange County, it’s not New York but it works for me :).

After my massage I painted my own nails, and then made some baked goodies. With all the holiday madness I thought I would remove myself from it and enjoy a quiet day. Being around all the holiday shoppers and people bustling around town makes me exhausted, as I’m sure it does to all of you. Instead of joining in the holiday activities I decided today that I will make my own holiday, peaceful and relaxing.

macaroons, massages, manis

If you haven’t already noticed Gossip Girl seasons 4 & 5 are now on Netflix! This is great news for an addict like myself. I wasn’t able to keep up consistently through seasons so I actually prefer to catch up on Netflix without commercials and having to wait a week in between episodes.

holiday mani

Oh to live the life of the Upper East Side, we all wish we could. However, although they have everything and more it seems many of them aren’t truly happy and they forget the meaning of small gestures. Nonetheless it is just a show but I tend to get fully consumed and relate my own life with it.


As I was falling asleep last night I watched the episode where Blair is interning at W and Serena is back with Ben (guy who Lilly forged Serena’s signature and was in jail). Blair and Serena were supposed to have a girls night in with macaroons, massages and manis (ahhh the life of luxury) but instead they end up going out to a party put on by W and of course, a whirlwind of drama unwinds.

you know you love me


gossip girl

Mally Beauty Xtrahold Maximizing Mascara

Mally Beauty Xtrahold Maximizing Mascara
Mally Beauty Xtrahold Maximizing Mascara

Mally Beauty Xtrahold Maximizing Mascara is awesome.  It has two wands — one end is a smaller lash ‘finder’ and the other is a larger, lash ‘maximizer.’

The smaller one is perfect for getting your bottom lashes without any gunking or smudging and the larger brush lengthens and separates. Lashes will look long and thick, but totally natural.