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Baby Onesie

I have a little girl on the way, so I’m naturally looking for baby clothes and other accessories. I’m also part Irish, so I like to include a little bit of my ancestry into the mix when I can. This one has me baffled. Why does this Irish baby onesie have garlic and gaelic on it? I know that Gaelic is an old term for the Irish people, but what does garlic have to do with anything? And why would you want to put it on a baby?


After shopping around for baby clothes, I’ve learned two valuable lessons. The first is that baby clothes are expensive, so having a friend offer you hand me downs from their own collection is priceless. Well, free is a price, but you get my meaning. The second lesson is that organic materials are much healthier. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a onesie, pants, tops, etc., organic is the way to go as much as possible.

Wee Baby Hats for Infants

Wee Baby Hats for Infants
Wee Baby Hats for Infants

The Wee Hat is a baby hat specially made to fit the tiny head of a newborn baby. The Wee Hat is one of the only baby hats that does not have interior seams or scratchy tags which can irritate baby’s tender skin. It’s made of cashmere-like cotton sweater yarn, very soft to the touch. The baby hats are specifically sized to fit newborns small head.

These do fit newborns perfectly!

Available at WeeBaby.com