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Facials Orange County

I had the most amazing spa experience yesterday. I went with a friend who recommended a little place the locals frequent in the Huntington Beach area. I have to say that Facials Orange County are the way to go. I felt totally relaxed while I was there and had absolutely no worry or stress. That alone is amazing because being a busy mother, student and working as well those moments when I am stress and worry free are few and far between. 

During my time there I got a very relaxing massage on my neck and scalp, I just love that! The smells were delicious and the staff was so gentle and kind. Upon leaving my skin felt baby soft and I was glowing. I will be revisiting this spa when I am in the Huntington Beach area.

I’m Loving the New Arrivals From Coach

blog-coachCoach is one of my favorite places to go for handbags and other accessories (yeah…they also have jewelry, shoes, and clothing!!!). I love shopping here, whether it’s their things from last season that are on clearance or their brand new arrivals. I have a couple of Coach handbags and the quality is like no other.

Coach just released their latest arrivals and I’m so excited! I love that they put out. They are steering away from summer and getting back into the darker hues of fall. This are very sophisticated bags that can be worn during the day at the workplace and easily transition into an evening out with friends. Check it out!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Officially Split

blog-jlo and markIt’s been three years since Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their separation, but the 44 and 45 year olds, respectively, have come to a settlement and have signed the divorce papers.

It has been decided that the couple will share custody of their five year old twins, Max and Emme, and Marc will get physical custody of them seven days every month. The documents go into further detail about who will get custody during school vacations and holidays.

The couple was wed back in 2004 in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills. This was J. Lo’s third marriage, and although each of them is now free to marry whom they want, she doesn’t know if she wants to “take the plunge” again and get married a fourth time.


Save Big Money With Groupon


I love saving money at every opportunity. No, I promise you all that I’m not like those people that you see in the TLC show called “Cheapskates”, but I do save money when possible. I like to do this by clipping coupons for groceries and different items around the house (if I’m going to buy it anyway, might as well take 50 cents off of the item… that adds up after awhile!)

One of the great coupon websites I’ve discovered is called Groupon. To sign up, you simply enter your e-mail address, relative location/state, and add your interests. You can then have access to buying a “groupon”, where you pay for it online and use it in the store. I purchased one the other day to a restaurant where it was $15 for $30 worth of food. I paid $15 on the Groupon site for it, and when it was time to pay the bill at the restaurant I presented the groupon and they took $30 off of the bill. It was great!

Sign up for Groupon today and start getting deals.

Will You Be Tuning In To This Season of The Bachelorette?

blog-bacheloretteSo I was relaxing this evening watching some television after enjoying a nice homemade dinner. There are many shows that I enjoy watching on Monday evenings including The Voice and 24. Well, a commercial came on for one of my favorite shows of all time, The Bachelorette, and I had to contain myself from jumping up and screaming for joy. I had forgotten that the next season, featuring Andi from The Bachelor, will be premiering next Monday, the 19th of May.

I’m really looking forward to this show even though it’s going to add even more to my list of shows that I will be recording and/or watching on Monday nights.