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Cartwheel is the Ultimate App for Target Shoppers

cwAs you know from previous posts, it’s a big deal for me lately to be able to save money when I can. I shop at Target quite frequently and get everything there from shoes to groceries. Awhile back, I signed up for their RedCart Debit Card. It’s connected directly to my checking account, so whenever I swipe it, the money comes right out of my account and I save 5% off of my entire purchase.

Recently, a friend told me to download the Target Cartwheel App on my iPhone. It was free to download and free to sign up for, so I figured that I would give it a try! You can add coupons and deals to your cart, and when you go shopping in the store, simply hand the cashier your phone to scan and the discount will be applied to your total. I love this app!


I discovered Groupon a little while ago after hearing many good things about it. I fell in love! You can choose your city and they have coupons customized to the area where you live. You can save so much money and discover things in your city you didn’t even know were there! Bonus: when you’re trying out new things, you get to do it at a discounted price!