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Better Homes and Gardens is a Useful Website

What Goes with What I Have?I love finding websites that seem to have everything that I am interested in and can use. This is how I feel about the Better Homes and Gardens website. I enjoy this magazine and really like the website.

This site has recipes, home decor ideas, tips and tricks for gardening, health guides, plenty of holiday sources, pet pages, entertaining, home improvement help and so much more!

If you don’t get the subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I would definitely check out this website and consider subscribing if you enjoy the site. If you do get the magazine, supplement it with regular visits to the site, I think you’ll like it!

Stators for Dad’s Truck?

My Dad just recently bought a new truck, not with my Mom’s complete approval. It is a huge diesel truck that my Dad talked my Mom into thinking he needed. When he picked it up from the dealership he noticed a full tank of gas. However, it wasn’t diesel gas, just regular gas.

You can imagine how bad the person that filled up the tank felt. As you probably know, a diesel truck can’t run on regular gas. It was a huge mistake on the dealership and my Dad continues to have problems from it. He just brought it in before Christmas to get fixed, we aren’t sure what’s wrong with it now thinking maybe stators, but time will tell. You can imagine how happy my parents are with this purchase!

A Christmas Tradition: Hot Chocolate, Popcorn & Cookies, “Elf” and New PJs



I’m all about traditions. I love starting things and having something to look forward to. It’s fun to watch the same traditions grow and change over the years as our family grows and changes.

Well, Christmas Eve involves one of my favorite traditions of all time. We always eat a nice meal with the kids and then after supper they are always allowed to open one gift–the rest have to wait until Christmas morning. The gift that they get to open is a pair of new pajamas (Old Navy usually has some cute ones!) We then put the movie “Elf” in the DVD player and make popcorn and hot chocolate! Of course we have to try some of the cookies that we are going to set out for Santa to make sure they taste okay!

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Merry Christmas!

Winner of the Purse Review | Coach SOHO Handbags

I’m a handbag obsess-or. Practically anytime I’m at TJ Maxx, Kohls or Target I’m browsing the handbags. It’s my dirty little secret. While others have bad habits of smoking, gambling or eating I have a bad shopping habit, preferably in the handbag section. No, I don’t buy exclusively designer handbags but every once in awhile I do treat myself to one. When I started the purse review I voted on the best out of 3 handbags, that I had already laying in my closet. After passing the test of durability, compartment space and cuteness I ranked the purses.

Merona® Hobo Bag - Tan/Natural Quick Information

First up is this Merono hobo bag from Target, sorry I don’t have photos of any of the handbags so these are shots from the websites. This handbag has lasted me awhile and I still really like it. The only problem is that it is so deep that I end up losing everything. I also wish that it would have a longer strap to go across my body but all in all it is very nice, and cheaper too!



Apt. 9 Brady Braided Fold-Over Satchel

This next handbag I recently got at Kohls (the brand it Apt. 9). I decided I wanted a fun colorful bag to get me through the spring season and since it had a cross body strap and was a little more shallow than my Target hobo bag I thought I would give it a shot. I absolutely love it! It is durable and the perfect size. The cross body strap is perfect for long day trips and it’s big enough that you can fit everything in it. Really nice quality for as little as I paid for it. This comes in to a close second.



This purse is my all time favorite. This is my first Coach handbag, which is probably why I’m so attached to it. It has lasted me years, and I have been really hard on it. Target and Kohls handbags are durable but man you know a designer handbag when you have one. They stand up to anything, and never stain! Coach SOHO Handbags are my favorite look, which is what this purse is. I don’t buy designer handbags often but when I do I never regret spending the money on them.


Feminine Touches With Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations

If you are married or have been part of someone else’s wedding then I’m sure you have been to a bachelorette party before. Sure they are fun, but they can cost a lot of money and aren’t for every bride. I’m in an upcoming wedding this Summer so as the made of honor it’s my duty to set up the bachelorette. The bride, my best friend, isn’t much of a party girl so I don’t think throwing her a bachelorette would be her favorite thing. Instead, I’m throwing a Bridesmaid luncheon. I haven’t heard of anyone personally doing this but I know that it is the next “big” thing.

Not only will this luncheon be limited to only bridesmaids but all girls within our circle of friends and family. It will be “girly” themed with pretty cupcakes, flowers, and believe it or not I found bridesmaid luncheon invitations to help tie the whole theme together. The reason I’m super excited about this is because the bride has NO idea that I am planning this. I’m not gonna lie it will be really tough considering we are besties but I really want to give her this special day. Are you doing the traditional bachelorette party or are you trying something new out?