Check Out This Stylish Collection of Plus Size Prom Dresses

Pacific Plex-Plus Size Prom Dress


Fall semester is half over and I can’t believe it! Christmas is just two months away. Before you know it, it will be springtime again and the cycle will start over again!

If you have any teenage girls in the house, I bet you’ve already been hearing about prom. I know I have! The junior class at my daughter’s school is already starting to plan their theme and location for the prom dinner and dance.

We’ve also been checking out prom dresses online to see what the trends are going to be this year and she’s been starting to think about what she wants for a style of dress. There are so many different options: long, short, solid, patterned, A-line, ball gown, and so much more! Her favorite so far is pictured above. We found it on a site known for their selection of plus size prom dresses. 

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